8 thoughts you will have when looking at the wedding album for the first time

Perhaps it has happened to you with a song or a movie: that you would like to go back to the moment you met her, to get excited as you were then. Prepare to treasure the first time you see your wedding album: these are the eight things that will happen to you! Photographs are […]

Perhaps it has happened to you with a song or a movie: that you would like to go back to the moment you met her, to get excited as you were then. Prepare to treasure the first time you see your wedding album: these are the eight things that will happen to you!

Photographs are much more than images. With them the flavour of the wedding cake is remembered, the notes of the song of the first wedding dance, the aroma of the flowers for wedding, the nerves before giving the “yes” and the texture of the wedding dress. A single photograph is a ticket to travel in time. Are you ready to relive your great day? These are the eight things that will happen when they open their wedding album for the first time.

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  1. Couples will be moved again as if it were that day

Once you have your wedding album in hand, you will be as excited as if you were to wake up again on the big day. You will also feel nervous and anxious to open it. When to begin to pass on pages, you will notice that they are feeling butterflies in their stomachs again. They will return to smile or to be moved as when they were about to live their ceremony. They will want to appreciate every detail of the images and, at the same time, they will not be able to wait to see the photo that follows.

  1. Each part of the wedding will be revived

Not only will they remember every moment of the wedding: they will relive it! They will remember the words of their officiant, the smell of the floral arrangements for wedding, the weather that he made, the laughter and grabbing hands of the children next to the wedding candy table, the fatigue and the euphoria.

There will be things that you remember with more clarity than you thought, because at the time you felt very distracted as to treasure them, but your senses managed to retain them. There will also be things that you will only remember when you see the pictures. It will be like seeing the photos in third (or fourth) dimension, because they will be in the place and at the moment where they were taken.

  1. They will discover amazing details

In your photos you will appreciate things that went unnoticed on the day of the wedding. You will see the surprised faces of the guests when the first wedding dance began, the little pages handing out the wedding souvenirs for the wedding or the ladies getting ready before the launch of the bouquet. You may discover that you smiled or cried for joy even though you did not notice it at the wedding or that two aunts wore the same cocktail dress. And of course, all the action that was in the welcome cocktail while you were in your formal photo session.

  1. “We want 20 copies of that photograph!”

As soon as you have a great shot of the first kiss you will want at least 1000 copies to place them around the house, send them in postcards or just to have them in your purse or wallet all the time. There will be some photos that will bring excitement and others with a bit of a nostalgic feeling. These are photos that every time you see that album you will smile again.

  1. “Can we get married again?”

Going through the album some time after the wedding you will feel like you are falling in love for the first time again. You will want to have your beloved ones by your side and being able to plan that spectacular party one more time. This feeling will push you to look for new adventures, probably going on a trip together or planning a great anniversary party.

  1. You will surely want everyone to see the album

We understand times have changed and most photos are uploaded to our favourite social networks, however, nothing compares to the feeling of having a physical copy of certain images in your hands. You will want all your guests at home to see the album with you and you will never get tired of sharing special details about the wedding, the party and the after party as well. And that is only the beginning, do not forget about the honeymoon photos!

  1. It will be a treasure for you both

Each time you decide to revisit your album, you will treasure it as an invaluable master piece work of art that was created for your house. It will happen the same to other important items in your house such as the wedding dress or artificial flowers. Even if you were both living together before you got married, you will also understand that was the beginning of a new era for you both.

With an album you can prepare yourselves to travel in a time machine each time you decide to go over it and revisit those special moments of that emblematic day. Some people mention that most important decisions or ideas they have had for family projects have started when they were going through their wedding album.

It is important to mention that photo albums are not the only way to go back in time and revisit your special days. Actually, many couples like to have a cinematographic memory of it, for that reason they record top quality videos that are able to catch those special moments that photos might miss.

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