8 Signs You Need A New Cooling System

The oncoming of spring generally makes you take a step back and inspect your cooling system and figure out whether it will stay by your side through the summer or not. A lot of cooling systems are amazing and if taken care of properly, can even last for years past their expiry. But, if your […]

The oncoming of spring generally makes you take a step back and inspect your cooling system and figure out whether it will stay by your side through the summer or not. A lot of cooling systems are amazing and if taken care of properly, can even last for years past their expiry. But, if your cooling system needs a replacement, then call on board a good commercial refrigeration Melbourne service to help you out with the fittings.

To avoid replacing your commercial or residential cooling system for really expensive costs, check it beforehand.  In case you think that your old cooling system still works, we suggest you look for the following signs of failure. Instead of living in paranoia, you can know for sure whether your cooling system will last you another few years. And, if you feel that you will need a new cooling system altogether, then there are many commercial refrigeration Melbourne services for you to choose from.

Signs that you need a new cooling system installed

#1 It is too old  

Firstly, a cooling system can last anywhere between 10-15 years. But, if your cooling system has passed the date, it is best to think about buying a new one. The new cooling systems are usually energy-efficient or energy star-rated. If your cooling system is over ten years old, then the chances are that you are not having an energy-efficient cooler. The new coolers don’t just help you save energy but also bring down about 40% of the amount on your monthly utility bills. Your old HVAC systems will not be running smoothly at all. In fact, the new digitalized thermostats can help you and your family save hundreds or even thousands a year!

#2 Its parts are old or require a change

After 1992, there have been major changes in the cooling industry. For example, a Freon refrigerator is extensively being replaced by Puron nowadays. This may not mean much to you, but it has several implications on homeowners that are looking to change their air conditioners. The commercial refrigeration Melbourne services can provide you with guidance on it. The newer models are made to be more reliable and efficient.  Also, you must be wary of any primary motor function failing or needing replacement. This can include the compressor too.

#3 Installation issues

In case you have a system that is faulty or not properly installed, you will be facing even more problems in the future. This is why it is advised to always opt for the best commercial refrigeration Melbourne services. This failure to install the cooling system properly can be caused by an overachieving DIY tech or just some technician trying to cut corners with you! This is not just problematic but downright dangerous for everyone. The exact measurements, angles and electric installation numbers are required for a system to run efficiently. Even a single thing if not done properly, can lead to irreparable problems.

#4 Incorrect size

If you have not measured the size before installing, you will be facing some serious issues with your cooling system in the future. Many of us will try to save by installing inexpensive or small cooling units in our homes. But, this is a detrimental thing to do as per the professional commercial refrigeration Melbourne services. They may not end up cooling or heating the room powerfully enough, and all your old cooling systems will not be fit to use anymore. If you plan on remodelling your house or breaking walls, you must be careful of your HVAC system and not render it obsolete.

#5 It is making rusty sounds

Does your furnace or cooling system make noises? If this is the case with you, we implore you to consider buying a whole new system altogether. Any sounds coming from the system need a consultation. The consultant from a trustworthy commercial refrigeration Melbourne service will probably even tell you that there are problems with its age, system failures as well as the alternatives that you can opt for. A good cooling system will work efficiently without making any noises. Any noise is a sign that your cooling system needs a replacement!

#6 Repair costs are out of control

This is a very common sign that anyone can notice in the initial stages itself. Very simply put, if your repair costs start exceeding your overall system cost, then it is time to take a step back and think. You might need to consult a commercial refrigeration Melbourne service for the best deals as quickly as possible. Consider the fact that all your systems will fail one by one and what may initially feel like a burden of buying a new cooling system will only be beneficial in saving big time to you.

#7 Poor air quality

You must always remember that old systems are not only detrimental to your wallet; they can also have serious implications for your health. These systems which are old usually end up collecting a lot of dust. The excess amount of dust coupled with the humidity, mould, and allergens can be flown straight into your offices or home spaces. To avoid something like that, you must replace your cooling system from time to time and seek help from a commercial refrigeration Melbourne service. In fact, if you are already experiencing something like this, then your cooling system is beyond repair.

#8 You devalue your entire property

If you have a property that is on the market, then you must keep it updated always! Failing systems or systems that look like they need repairing quickly bring down the value of any property. Smart buyers will know to bring down your initial asking price by claiming that the repairs are pricy themselves. Commercial refrigeration Melbourne services may be able to help you with the best deals possible for your new cooling system.

By opting to change your cooling system early on can be very beneficial and cost-saving too. Figuring out the warning signs is easy, and you will be ensuring better cooling for your space. There is no need for you to suffer in the long summer months where all you want to do is escape the sweltering heat indoors! Hire PR Coolstores as your commercial refrigeration Melbourne service to help you with all the assistance that you need regarding the cooling systems of your living or office space.