8 reasons to get married in a vineyard or a farm

Weddings in vineyards are more fashionable every day. There are many lovers who discover the success of choosing this option. In this post we tell you. If you are a true wine lover you will be thinking what a good idea… How it had not occurred to me before. If you have not thought this […]

Weddings in vineyards are more fashionable every day. There are many lovers who discover the success of choosing this option. In this post we tell you. If you are a true wine lover you will be thinking what a good idea… How it had not occurred to me before. If you have not thought this when seeing this suggestive headline, we give you ten reasons to see it as we do.

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  1. For its character and symbolic value

Love has a nice beginning, as does the vineyard. If you look at the strains, they represent the beginning of a path that reaches the cup.

In other words, the vineyard is the beginning of everything, and represents the beginning of a love relationship. That endless sea of ​​vineyards represents a future together. From there it is possible to see a new horizon.

  1. For its spectacular landscapes

Getting married in a vineyard represents freedom, peace, tranquillity, evolution. To meet the person you love, in front of that beautiful scenery, and declare your love to your family and closest friends, is priceless.

  1. Because wine is synonymous with celebration

The wine that is tasted in the celebrations is the culmination, that is, the highest degree of evolution, which in this case is that a couple in love celebrate the wedding. The same happens with our award-winning apple cider.

Undoubtedly, wine, like the wedding, is a meaning of celebration, since ancient times.

  1. For its high gastronomic value

Those of you who have ever gone on wine tourism will have been able to verify that wine tastes better there. It came as a living being that requires a correct conservation that is often not achieved when we buy a bottle in a shopping centre where its temperature is not correct.

That is, a wine tasted in its place of aging does not taste the same as another that has been in trucks, warehouses, stores, etc. for six months.

The winery itself, when making the wedding menu, will properly and properly harmonise its magnificent wines with the food that will be served at the celebration. No one better than the winemaker or sommelier of the winery, to design the best gastronomic menu.

The wine lovers when they go to a restaurant the first thing, they do is see the wine list, and based on that, they choose what they are going to eat. That is, and to give a simple example, if when you see the wine list, you want to drink a white wine, you will ask for second fish or seafood, and not lamb or piglet.

  1. For its many facilities

In all the wineries we can see their vineyards, and their barrel room. In some they even have a chapel, since ancient times, farmers who cultivate the land pray to the sky so that the weather is not adverse and harms the vineyard. It is a notorious fact that farmers pray, because the weather is not always everyone’s taste.

That chapel, if the celebration is religious, allows not having to move the guests from the place of worship to the vineyard. The wineries that celebrate weddings already have tents enabled for this purpose, or large rooms where to accommodate guests.

Thanks to these facilities, the bride and groom do not have to worry about suspending the wedding if they are surprised by a rainy day, because they will feel wrapped and comforted on the most beautiful day of their lives.

  1. For the wedding photo report

In the vineyard, in the barrel room, in the bottle rack, you can breathe the purest romanticism.

In the cellar there is a sense of balance between the rustic and the modern, the wood, and the stone. It is a natural scenario that the photographer will know, without a doubt, take advantage of.

It is an indelible memory that will pick up and know how to appreciate your retina, and the objective of the camera.

  1. Because you will share your guests

So is. Without a doubt, you will be able to make your guests enjoy this special day, being able to take a very special memory that will last over time.

If you have ever been a direct or indirect witness to the organisation of a wedding, you will have seen how the bride and groom go crazy thinking about the gift or memory that is usually given to the guests at the end of the wedding.

Well, the bride and groom who marry in a beautiful vineyard, do not usually have doubts, nor do they usually burn many neurons thinking about it.

The most special gift is to give the wine they have tasted in the celebration. The wineries can prepare for your guests’ bottles of wine or apple cider. They will surely forget. Wine bottles can be personalised with the photo of the bride and groom, and the wedding date.

And it is more … when they taste that wine in any bar or restaurant, they will remember you, and that special day. That wine will be, from now on synonymous with your union. The link that a wine lover creates with the winery he visits is so strong that he will be encouraged to buy that wine, and no other.

  1. Because you will return to this beautiful place with your love for anniversaries, birthdays, and any other reason for celebration, to relive this sensory experience.

It is easier to relive that experience by returning from wine tourism, than in any other type of wedding hall, or hotel, that does not keep this beautiful story that we just told you.

If after reading this post you are encouraged to celebrate your wedding in a beautiful vineyard.

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