8 DIY Floral Decoration Ideas For Your Next Occasion

Flowers can make or break your event. You need to keep innumerable things in mind when you pick flowers for your next occasion. Some of these factors include the season, the time of the day, the colours of the flowers, and the occasion. It is now possible to order fresh flowers online and get them […]

Flowers can make or break your event. You need to keep innumerable things in mind when you pick flowers for your next occasion. Some of these factors include the season, the time of the day, the colours of the flowers, and the occasion. It is now possible to order fresh flowers online and get them delivered wherever you want, whenever you want.

Opt for a combination of a maximum of two or three colours. Moreover, you can have a photography corner where you can have a wonderful backdrop of various flowers and petals. To add a vintage vibe, you may place a bike or carriage adorned with fragrant flowers. Here are 8 DIY floral decoration ideas that will not only help you save time but also ensure your success as a planner. Get a reliable florist Reservoir to provide you with fresh flowers for the decor.


#1 Colour wheel

If your event if a happy and cheerful celebration, then the best DIY floral décor for you is the colour wheel. Think of the colours that complement one another. This idea allows you to explore different combinations or pick shades of the same colour. For example, you can keep a coral theme. Thus, different shades of pink, red, and orange carnations can be bunched. This scheme works more if the event is on a bright day or inside a closed room where the walls have different colours. Your flowers seem like vibrant splashes. You may also use different tulips or orchids for a classy vibe from the florist Reservoir.


#2 Entry centrepiece

Right at the entrance of the event, you can have a centrepiece flower arrangement. This can include white, pink, and blue lilies. Lilies are extremely classy flowers. Their natural fragrance will fill the air and instil a sense of tranquillity. You can have one big flower arrangement on the centre table or opt for several small arrangements grouped from your local florist Reservoir. You can also keep a tiered table that reaches a certain height. Ensure that the entrance itself is worth a social media post!


#3 Play with branches

If the occasion is happening in a garden with trees, then you have the perfect setting to play with branches. You can add garlands of various petals on each branch. Since the branches are usually grey or brown, they will contrast majestically against the bright colours of the flowers. In the case of an evening celebration, you may hang lights from the branches that are intertwined with flowers. The romantic setting is bound to make the atmosphere warm. Wedding receptions are the best for implementing this idea. Contact a reliable florist Reservoir to get a quick delivery of fresh flowers!


#4 Mandala is the latest trend

Mandala is undoubtedly the latest fashion. From fashion to interior décor ideas, mandalas have been ruling the scenario. Thus, you may also use them in your next occasion. Order fresh flowers and then cut off the stems to fit them into any mandala design. You can keep the other circle of pastel colours while the inner circles can have light and pastel shades. This contrast in colours will get the attention of guests. You can check online or contact the florist Reservoir to find simple mandala ideas as well as complicated ones. Small mandalas can be made at regular intervals. Other wall designs on similar lines will also be great.


#5 One colour story

You can pick any single colour you like. If you are confused, you can get instant aid from a professional florist Reservoir. For example, if you pick orange, all flowers you put need to be orange. The best part of this scheme is that you may or may not alternate between bright and pastel shades. You can place the same flowers in different corners if a variety of arrangements. Adding green leaves to break the monotony will work wonders for you. You can place flowers of various lengths and sizes to please the eyes of every visitor.


#6 Play with proportion

The height of your flower arrangement plays a major role in determining its overall aesthetic effect. You can have different heights at different spots. While some branches can be taller, the other may be cut short. If you are placing the flowers in vases, then you may alter the vase heights according to their position. The centre table pieces may not be too tall because they will block the view. But, the corner table arrangements can be tall. They will look elegant against the backdrop of a solid colour wall. The colour scheme entirely depends on you. Experts from a florist Reservoir can guide you ahead and also get fresh flowers for the decor. Their experience in the industry can help you make your name as well.


#7 Clear vases

When you are placing flowers in vases, it is a good idea to opt for clear ones. The biggest benefit of choosing a clear vase is that it can be filled with foam, coloured balls, and marbles. You may keep this filling bright to work well with pastel shaded flowers. Glass vases themselves look chic! Contacting a florist Reservoir can help you get more such ideas in just one call.


#8 Country-fresh vibes

Last but not least, have you considered country-fresh vibes to your occasion? You can pick dried leaves and pebbles to complete a rustic look. The dull browns and greys have never looked better. You can also experiment with bright yellow flowers against a rustic background for a breakfast buffet set. To complete the look, you may place old and antique looking flower vases. They will add just the right amount of historical feel. The simple solution to all your flower arrangement problems is to look for a florist Reservoir.


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