7 keys to Decorate a Wedding in the Country

Do you want to celebrate a rustic wedding, outdoors, without giving up all the glamor and elegance of a celebration of these characteristics? The keys are very simple, so just taking care of some simple details you can get a romantic look that will leave all your guests speechless. The wedding season is getting closer […]

Do you want to celebrate a rustic wedding, outdoors, without giving up all the glamor and elegance of a celebration of these characteristics? The keys are very simple, so just taking care of some simple details you can get a romantic look that will leave all your guests speechless.

The wedding season is getting closer and that is why, today, we bring you some tips to decorate a wedding in the country. We have raised today’s post as a tour of all those details that are important and should not be missed.

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Flowers and more flowers

Centerpieces with wild flowers in wooden bowls, garlands hanging from tree branches, petal carpets to receive the bride and groom … In a country wedding you cannot miss the floral arrangements, symbol of love and the beginning of a new life. Whether you choose wild flowers or white roses, chrysanthemums or coves, the effect will be very romantic.

Let the light reign

When it starts to get dark, the light is essential so that the party does not lose heart. Light up the corners with lanterns and old lamps, and make sure there is no lack of lighting on the tables of the guests, those of the buffet or in the dessert cart. Candles are also a good option, as long as the candlesticks are deep so they don’t go out if it makes a little air.

Rustic furniture

If you are going to celebrate your wedding in the countryside choose a wooden furniture seen: simple or old tables and chairs. To arrange the buffet of sweets or soft drinks you can use a cart, an old dresser or even stacked boxes. For their part, some clay pots can be very useful for storing details for guests, while classic coat racks will be very useful for attendees to hang their bags and jackets, which will prevent them from having to carry them throughout the entire celebration.

Blackboards and wooden signs

More wood! The decoration of the tables and the surroundings can be elegant and rustic at the same time using small blackboards to indicate where the diners should sit, the number of the table or even where the bathroom is. Sign the path to the place of the celebration with hand-painted wooden arrows, and hang some blackboards on the tree trunks so that guests can write congratulatory messages.

Natural fabrics

Linen, cotton, silk … The old linens will give a touch of distinction to the tables of the diners, and the chairs lined with white cloth covers will make you feel in a dream place. If you tie the fabrics to the chairs with strips of chiffon, tulle or lace, matching your wedding veil, you will create a bridal atmosphere. Cotton or wool rugs in a corner lit with lanterns and candles, and decorated with coloured cushions, will allow guests to sit and rest and chat, enjoying the natural environment to the fullest. And that there can be better than a s eating plan made with scraps of fabrics of different materials and colours!

Access Gate

Keep in mind that in outdoor ceremonies, unlike ceremonies in a church or a City Hall, there is no door through which the bride makes her entrance. For that reason, the first advice we leave you is that you should frame and give importance to the entrance of the bride. For this there is nothing better than creating a false gate, like the one in the image, that highlights the entry of both the guests and the bride.

The field is nature, freedom … Do not hesitate to use natural elements such as wood and if they are recycled / recovered, better than better! and of course the decoration with flowers and natural plants is something that cannot be missing.

The hall

After passing through our “false” access door, the path that leads to the nervous boyfriend, is another space that you should pamper. In itself, the path is defined and defined by the chairs of our guests, but that is not enough, we must make it have charm and for this there is nothing better than using flowers.


Keys to decorate a country wedding

Country Weddings: flowers, flowers and more flowers

In glass vases, in recycled vases, in small clay pots … The important thing is that the flowers are not lacking, as they will put the note of colour and freshness on the link.

Country Weddings: details that make the difference

Improvised vases, pennants or garlands hanging from the tree branches will become the perfect decorative elements to dress the surroundings.

Country Weddings: Lighting

Old lamps and lanterns will ensure the necessary lighting both at the tables of the guests and in each corner of the banquet. Photography: Amalgam Photography.

Country Weddings: Delicate Candles

Whatever your presentation, the candles will add a touch of warmth to the environment and contribute to creating a romantic atmosphere.

Country Weddings: Wood

Rustic or recovered furniture will put the icing on a country wedding and will be perfect for decorating special corners, such as the candy bar or the drinks buffet. Everything works: desks, dressers, shelves, bedside tables.

Country Weddings: natural elements

The cut logs have many purposes in a rustic link, as they can be used to carry alliances, as a base in the centrepieces or as mere decorative elements.

Country Weddings: Hay Alpaca

Essential at any wedding in the countryside, hay alpacas are currently used both as benches for guests during the ceremony, and to create comfortable chill out corners during the party.

Country Weddings: Fabrics

Burlap, and jute, but also linen and cotton with floral or plaid prints, with lace. All of them will help you further enhance the rustic look of your link. Use these fabrics on table runners, to decorate the chairs, to make pennants or to design a fun seating plan.

If you are planning your wedding and you want to find the perfect venue, here at Orchards at Springvale you will have peace of mind knowing your event will be exactly as you pictured. Contact us today to learn all the details about our wedding packages and how we can bring your magical day to life.