7 incredible ideas to decorate the ceiling

Few places are as special as our house. In each small space, we leave our mark on the decoration. We are completely present in the middle of the four walls that surround us. In the end, the decoration is based on the experiences we cultivate and a touch of our personality in the environment. When […]

Few places are as special as our house. In each small space, we leave our mark on the decoration. We are completely present in the middle of the four walls that surround us. In the end, the decoration is based on the experiences we cultivate and a touch of our personality in the environment.

When we think of decoration, the first quick thoughts revolve around the wall and floor coverings, the style of the furniture, the predominant colours, etc. We review each idea so that the walls are always beautiful and comfort is present at all times for every occasion. But there is a part of our home that we always leave aside: the roof. Although we usually put it white, the roof wraps many possibilities for decoration. You need to do some resesarch, explore and work on these options with the advice of professionals, it will always make all the difference.

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Among the most common possibilities in the decoration of a ceiling, we can find the use of coatings and plaster. The coatings can be varied and in different materials such as PVC or wood. Gypsum offers more creative options, the use of mouldings or stripes. Everything depends on the taste of each one and certainly on the professional advice, indispensable in any project.

To explore a little more of these ideas together, we selected some incredible projects of decorated ceilings; either in the living room, in the bedroom or on the terrace. Each project we have selected has great features that will leave your home even more special and perfectly decorated everywhere.

  1. Reduced with mouldings


The type of decoration intended for the roof will always depend on how high it is or its coating. The higher the height, the greater the possibilities of decorating it. A good idea for the roof of an elongated environment, is to work on a reduction with the use of mouldings.


With the use of different pieces in different sizes, it is possible to provide very interesting effects in the environment. A good example is this project in which it was decided to stack gypsum pieces differently, providing a lower ceiling compared to other environments.


This idea is perfect to reinforce the lighting in the kitchen where the food is prepared. The use of recessed lamps gives a nice effect to the sides of the mouldings leaving the incredible space.


  1. With lighting

Lighting is undoubtedly the main way to work on the decoration of the ceiling. With good planning in the distribution of lamps, it is possible to highlight the environment in different ways, colours and create effects.


The recessed lamps and the LED lines are the main alternatives for the environment to stand out by means of lighting. Choose colourful luminaires and creative formats is another excellent option to call attention to the ceiling.


The most important thing is to always know the correct balance in the distribution of the lights so that the entire space is perfectly illuminated.

  1. With wood

The use of wood in the roof structure is perfect in decorations with more rustic tones with the extensive use of stones in the coverings. In addition to this, the use of wood is perfect to provide a more cosy and comfortable environment.

In this project for example, the large wooden beams to support the roof, give the feeling of prolongation in the room, making it visually rustic and elegant. Perfect to be added to the walls and the stone floor. The natural colour of wood, provides a beautiful contrast in the place.

  1. With pergolas

The use of pergolas is a great idea, especially for the terraces, as it makes perfect use of natural lighting during the day and also provides a cosy and rustic atmosphere at night.

Using small spaced slats, under the glass roof, the architects give freshness to the environment. The combination with the embedded stone walls, brings rusticity, but without losing the lightness of natural lighting, always present in space. The wooden floor is the perfect complement to make the atmosphere even more incredible.

  1. With movement

The elegant options will always contribute perfectly so that the decoration does not go unnoticed in any small space. And to emphasise the ceilings, the use of the mouldings is something perfect. Used in many formats and possibilities, the mouldings are plaster plates embedded in the ceiling so that the height decreases and thus distribute the lighting of the environments.

In this project, the curved mouldings generate movement and a lot of beauty in the space. In addition to the curves, the LED lights hidden in these plates, give a special effect to the roof. A project to be admired in every centimetre.


  1. With colours

The use of colours could not be left out of the options in the decoration of the ceiling. Whether with the use of paints or the effects of lamps, colour can give different effects to the environment. Dark colours can lower the height of the ceiling, while strong colours in the middle of clear walls can give the feeling of greater space.

The ideal, in both cases, is that the colour used in the ceiling is also present in the decoration. In this project, the use of lines of LED lights in blue, hidden between the spaces of the open mouldings, give an effect of peace and welcome, in this small children’s room.

  1. With textures

For more elaborated environments, the use of textures is a good alternative to leave the roof of the space even more interesting. In this project, the use of different textures gives a classic and impressive ambience throughout the ceiling of the room, bringing an absolutely spectacular result.

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