7 benefits of installing assistance control software

For many years there have been systems of employees’ assistance control, the old machines to sign where to control the hours of entry and exit of employees. It is a market that has always been in constant evolution, so the old systems have been changing so that now they have become simple to use software […]

For many years there have been systems of employees’ assistance control, the old machines to sign where to control the hours of entry and exit of employees.

It is a market that has always been in constant evolution, so the old systems have been changing so that now they have become simple to use software through which employees enter their fingerprints or their number of workers accompanied by their password to perform “check in” upon entering and “” check out “upon leaving.

In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of employee salaries, including salaries, bonuses and deductions, which are paid for the services they rendered during a certain period of time; However, the time used to carry out this process can be tedious and prone to errors if the information is not updated, and even more so when talking about companies with a broad workforce.

A payroll system is responsible for carrying out this process, this being a computer solution designed to maximise the productivity of the people in charge of registering and correctly controlling all aspects of the payroll of the employees of the companies, allowing to reduce the excessive workloads and decreasing errors.

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Benefits of using a payroll system

Easy to use: Using a payroll system is very simple and you do not need too much technical knowledge or a specialised template for its use.

Speed: The system of payment of manual payroll -not automated- can take a long time, since you must have all the information of the employee to be able to calculate your salary, in addition to increasing the disorder; With a payroll system all you have to do is click, as all the information is automatically recorded.

Multi-operative: A payroll system, in addition to calculating the corresponding salary, helps to keep a register of additions and cancellations, as well as administration of funds or savings accounts, settlements and liquidations, control and monitoring of vacations, among others.

Constant follow-up: The payroll system allows a detailed record of the days the employee has been absent, those who have requested vacations and their contributions, among other benefits.

Payroll modules such as our Envizi software is a powerful tool capable of managing all payroll processes in a simple way, in addition to taking the calculation and control of all tax obligations in a 100% automated way.

It has several tools that allow to take a precise control, eliminating manual works, nullifying works made in spreadsheets that originate a disintegration of the information.

It offers the facility to control different periods of payroll, electronic dispersion of salaries with any banking institution, calculations of salaries, handling of food vouchers, calculation of pieces, bonuses, commissions, any variable payment in the payroll process, generation of the accounting policy to your ERP or financial system, management of savings funds, savings accounts and more.

These systems have multiple benefits for the company:

  • Total management of employee assistance. At all times you know who is in the company, who has left, and who is on vacation.
  • The installation is usually simple and currently does not require works. It does not need a large investment, simply enough with the acquisition of a tablet from where employees can make the entries and exits.
  • They can be fully customised depending on the needs of each company. The shifts, the hours of entry, the work schedules … are not the same in each company. These devices are totally adaptable to each of them.
  • Statistics report. At all times, the Human Resources department or department head can view the reports that have been created based on the daily statistics.
  • Vacations can be requested through the application, and from there the responsible accepts them or denies them, depending on whether that possibility can be allowed.
  • Schedule flexibility This system allows the adaptability (within some margins) of entering work before or after, knowing at all times the remaining hours that must be met daily and weekly
  • Improves the productivity of the company, since it is understood that if someone is inside the company is producing, since the time flexibility allows them to reconcile with their family life and other occupations, therefore when they are working they should only think about rendering.

In general, these innovative systems adapt to the new needs of the market, which means that little by little they make life easier for employees. There is also the possibility -in some cases- of downloading the software application, through which you can make entries and exits from the smartphone, for jobs that do not need to be always in the office, or for commercials or people who work from home.

The term automation has also been used to describe systems not intended for manufacturing in which programmed or automatic devices can operate independently or semi-independently of human control. In communications, aviation and astronautics, devices such as automatic telephone switching equipment, autopilots and automated guidance and control systems are used to perform various tasks faster or better than a human being could.

Choosing access control and work assistance for your company is not a quick task. The first thing is to take into account the degree of security that your company requires, and if you need a system to complement your security it is time to look for an access control that allows you to have a stricter control of the entrances and exits of personnel.

It is also important to know how many users will use the attendance control system, since the support will be different for companies with large volume of employees, and different systems, so as not to slow down the entry of employees.

We can help you optimise the time of the evaluation, and the system used for automated payroll and assistance control. Encourage good business practises, since those who bet on prequalification feel they can compete. That drives a good business environment in which each actor fulfils its part.

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