6 reasons why you should remove makeup every day and 5 tips to prevent false eyelashes from harming your eyes

Sometimes you come home after dinner and you can only think of how tired you are. Others you watch a movie on the couch and accidentally fall asleep. In those moments, all you want is to get to bed and rest. What you least want in the world is to go makeup off. Vegan eyelashes […]
Makeup removal

Sometimes you come home after dinner and you can only think of how tired you are. Others you watch a movie on the couch and accidentally fall asleep. In those moments, all you want is to get to bed and rest. What you least want in the world is to go makeup off.

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If you feel identified, we recommend that you read our list of reasons why it is so important to remove makeup every day. Don’t let laziness win you over!

  1. Your skin needs to “reset”

Every night, while we sleep, our skin regenerates. If we do not remove makeup residues, our cells cannot recover from the accumulated fatigue of the whole day and their regeneration process is not what it should be, so redness and even allergic reactions can appear. Let your skin breathe!

  1. Makeup oil can make your acne worse

Nowadays it is very common for certain makeups to contain oils (they help hydrate, improve the texture of the formula, etc…). Although certain oils are beneficial during the day, if we leave them on our skin overnight, they can create pimples or blackheads. Also, if you already have oily skin, these oils will further clog the pores and worsen the situation. Always clean your skin with soft products and if in doubt, consult a professional.

  1. Your skin will age prematurely if you don’t remove your makeup

As we have already mentioned, the skin recovers from daily attacks every night. If we do not remove makeup, free radicals can affect the collagen and elastin of the skin, which will give it an aged appearance. Both oxidative damage and sun damage cause wrinkles to appear early, so… Light up and remove makeup for younger skin for longer!

  1. Your lashes will thank you

Good eyelashes frame the look, but they are also one of the most affected if you do not remove your makeup. If we go to bed without removing the mascara (let’s not even talk about getting false eyelashes stuck!), We run the risk of splitting or tearing off while we sleep. Do your eyes a favor and use a good makeup remover.

  1. Your dark circles will be worse tomorrow

Are you one of those with pronounced dark circles? Perhaps the problem is not a lack of sleep, but a lack of night cleaning! When we go to sleep without removing makeup, the eye contour becomes inflamed, bags are created and its thin skin weakens. Take off your makeup and apply a good dark circles moisturiser to say goodbye to tired looking eyes!

  1. If you use the correct makeup remover, you will notice the improvement quickly. Try a micellar water

Not all makeup remover products are the same and not all of them have the same effect. Use a make-up remover that cleans deeply (it is not enough just to wipe with a washcloth!) And that contains moisturising agents, such as good micellar water. It is very important to clean the skin before starting the routine, even if you have not applied makeup, you must remove the impurities accumulated throughout the day from the skin so that the rest of the routine does the desired action.

  • Makeup remover: Gently removes all impurities and traces of makeup, even the long-lasting and waterproof one.
  • Cleans: Deeply cleanses the skin while respecting the skin barrier, even for sensitive skin.
  • Tones: It reduces the pore size and leaves a more uniform skin, toning the skin of the eyes, face and lips, leaving it ready for your daily facial care.
  • Hydrates: Thanks to its natural ingredients (such as coconut, castor and rapeseed) and its aqueous base, it favours good hydration.

Once the skin is removed, it is time to continue with your routine by applying products that are specific to your skin type (wrinkled, sensitive, blemished…).

5 tips so that false eyelashes do not harm your eyes

Take care of your eyes with these little secrets and do not stop using false eyelashes. False eyelashes are one of the secrets to having a beautiful and penetrating look, but there are several tips that we must follow to be able to take care of our eyes and not risk our health.

  1. Find out what the glue is made of. The product should not contain the substance called formaldehyde, as it burns the skin and causes hair to stop growing in the area. That is, it produces alopecia. The adhesive must have pharmacological authorisation.
  2. Take care of hygiene. Keep in mind that they are not permanent. If they are not cleaned, many bacteria are generated, which usually causes allergies and infections in the cornea or eyelids. In some cases, it can lead to blindness. Cleaning with alcohol is recommended.
  3. Don’t sleep with extensions. Every day that false eyelashes are used, they must be removed before going to rest. After cleaning them with alcohol, they should be left to air.
  4. The liquid to remove the eyelashes does not have to burn. If the eyes burn, it means it contains formaldehyde.
  5. There are pharmaceutical products that help the growth of natural eyelashes. These are applied daily only in the evenings. However, you must be careful if you have allergic reactions such as irritation, redness or itching of the eye.

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