6 ideas and tips for the care of wooden floors

Do you have wood floor in your house? Or do you want to install one, but you have no idea which to choose or the care that a wooden floor need? Do not worry, this time we share some ideas of different wooden floors, as well as floors with coatings that imitate this noble material, […]
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Do you have wood floor in your house? Or do you want to install one, but you have no idea which to choose or the care that a wooden floor need? Do not worry, this time we share some ideas of different wooden floors, as well as floors with coatings that imitate this noble material, which is in all tastes, finishes, brightness, colours and textures. In addition, we give you six simple tips to keep a wooden floor in good condition.

Remember that wooden floors are for outdoor and indoor, some are solid wood, while others are processed wood, as well as there is deck type, which are mainly for patios, gardens and terraces a vast variety, but what they all have in common is that you have to take care of them and give them maintenance so they last longer.

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  1. For outdoor near wet areas: natural oils

As mentioned at the beginning, wood is a noble and natural material, so to place a floor of this material outside and near the pool, as in the image, is to be in its element, even so, it must be regularly maintained with oils, of natural preferences. Experts recommend olive oil. If it’s healthy for the human body, also for wood.

  1. For terraces: pass the dry mop

If we have an outdoor wooden floor, for example on the terrace or balcony, it is advisable to regularly mop or dry mop for cleaning. Remember that if we are in a place where it rains a lot, it will be important from time to time to nourish the wood with natural oil, as we mentioned in the previous image, so that it does not dry out.

  1. For balconies: avoid traditional cleaning products

It is important that the wooden floor, regardless of tone or thickness, is not cleaned with traditional products. Some, or most of them are very aggressive, and can damage it, mainly if the wood is of strong colour or has brightness, like the one we see in this image. Passing the mop or dry mop and a natural oil from time to time, to keep it in good condition, is enough.

  1. Different shades: a splash of vinegar to add shine

If you do not decide for a specific shade of wood because you do not know if you want it dark or clear, the solution is a combination of several shades. Clean it and keep it in good condition, it is to follow the advice that we had already commented: clean it dry, with a mop or felt and in this case, a splash of vinegar to add shine. Eye: not directly on the floor! but to the bucket with water and only a trickle. Moisten the mop and mop it and pass it over the floor.

  1. Clear tones: clean spots immediately

A wooden staircase in light colour, and that each of its steps is highlighted with dark chocolate wood. The wood in the staircase also needs care and some things to avoid, such as: use cleaners based on ammonia, acidic materials, chlorine, detergents and abrasive soaps.

Also, we must not allow the water to remain on the floor for a long time and we must clean any stain immediately! Also, remember not to walk with pointy heels or pass any sharp object

  1. Solid wood: polish it to last a lifetime

Without a doubt, a wooden floor, in any of its presentations and types, whether oak, pine, beech or ash, gives a warm and welcoming to any room, therefore, is a material that never goes out of style. Wood is a renewable and organic resource, one of the raw materials of vegetable origin that man has used the most throughout history.

What about other types of flooring? Maintenance of ceramic and porcelain floors


Ceramic and porcelain floors provide elegance and create unique and sophisticated environments, according to their applications and combinations. However, if the proper care is not taken, they can be broken or stained, going from being elegant to being disastrous.


Fortunately, the maintenance of these floors is not difficult. Only a few minutes are enough to guarantee its duration and good appearance.


Care and maintenance of porcelain:


  • Proper cleaning of porcelain floors should be carried out with water and a mild cleaning product, such as a neutral detergent. Do not forget to rinse with plenty of clean water.
  • Never use detergents or cleaners based on oil, animal grease or soapy base, as they will leave the tile opaque.


Keep in mind that the cleaning of your porcelain tile will be different according to its characteristics and types, such as texture, polished or unpolished.


  1. In the case of textured porcelain, cleaning is more complicated, since dust and dirt remain in the cracks. In this case you should sweep in all directions to make sure you remove all the dirt. Then you should use a neutral detergent and a hard bristle brush, to finish drying with cloth.


  1. To clean polished porcelain, use a dry mop to remove the dust. It is not recommended to use any type of broom or brush as it can damage the glaze of the tile. After sweeping, use water with neutral detergent and clean the tiles with a cloth. Finish using a clean cloth to dry the floor and restore its shine.


  1. If your floors are of unpolished porcelain, you must first sweep or vacuum to remove all dirt or dust. In a bucket of hot water, add bleach without detergent and apply it on the floor. Clean the floor by rubbing with a soft brush and remove any residue with a clean cloth. Finally, remove the excess with enough clean water.


Care and maintenance of ceramics:


Ceramic is quite common in tile or bathroom tile or kitchen mainly, although in recent years it has also become common in living rooms and bedrooms. This material allows infinity of designs and applications, and will always look good, if they stay clean and bright.


  • Remember that joints and corners always get very dirty. Therefore, toothbrushes can be very useful to clean those areas of difficult access.
  • A quick cleaning solution is to use a mixture of vinegar, ammonia and detergent; but beware! remember to perform a pre-test in an inconspicuous area to make sure you do not cause damage.


Follow these tips:


  • Clean the waste floor with a broom or a vacuum cleaner and pay special attention to the joints.
  • Spread a soft cloth moistened with warm water and a ceramic cleaner. Do not use any abrasive element since you can scratch the ceramic.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean joints and corners.
  • Wipe dry with a cloth.


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