5 Tips to Sing Great in your Karaoke Night

When you go to karaoke, you are not only going to have a good time, but to be the star of the night. Karaoke is one of the best ways to have fun and release stress, everything you have inside. That is why for many, it is a special place, a place to share with […]

When you go to karaoke, you are not only going to have a good time, but to be the star of the night. Karaoke is one of the best ways to have fun and release stress, everything you have inside.

That is why for many, it is a special place, a place to share with friends those strong emotions you have been through. But, let’s face it, it’s great when you go … and you can actually sing.

In a karaoke you can listen to people who know how to sing and people who still don’t. When you listen to someone who knows how to sing you pay attention to him, you admire him and hope to sing like him soon one day.

If you sing well in karaoke, these applauses await you. But those who sing well, one day they learned what they should keep in mind to make that experience unforgettable.

Expressing yourself in this way becomes exciting, just having a microphone and singing whatever you want and, by the way, singing to all the audience, is a fantastic feeling. You can start enjoying all this today by hiring a karaoke machine from the leading company renting karaoke machines in Australia. Contact us today!

  1. Choose a song from your tessitura

The tessitura is your vocal range. From what note to which note you arrive. There are only 7 treasures and you can have only one.

It is the voice that Mother Nature gives you after your adolescence and does not change (if you take care of it). It is your voice from then on.

In other words, it is a known fact.

The girls can be:

  • Contracts, which are the most serious or,
  • Mezzosopranos, have a medium range or,
  • Sopranos, which are the highest, sharpest.

Instead the boys can be:

  • Bass, which are the ones that sing with very serious notes or,
  • Baritones, which are the sings in the middle range of the male voice or,
  • Tenors, they reach high, is the most acute normal range, and finally,

You only have one of these treasures. Just one. And the important thing is that you sing songs made for the situation that you have without yelling.

If you choose the songs of the singers with your own position then you will have no problem getting to the note.

It is best that you sing songs of your own tessitura. The tessitura is the most important fact that every amateur singer should know because with it you will no longer put your voice at risk.

And how do you know which song is your tessellation?

It’s easy, just find out the position that the singer whose song you want to sing has. For that it is enough that you look it up on its Wikipedia and it will tell you the type of voice it has. For example, this is Marc Anthony’s Wikipedia (see where it says “Voice Type”).

And how do you know what position you have?

I leave you a picture with which with a piano you can meet yours. Look at what notes you sing comfortably.

  1. Rehearse before

Choose the songs before, in your house, and teach them thoroughly. It is better that you sing only those that go well for you.

You may think that you would lose some of the fun. However, that can be the difference between singing great and being disturbed for years thanks to the cock that came out.

  1. Do not sing with a full belly or alcohol on top. Better follow these 5 tips to sing in karaoke.

You can eat, yes, but measured. You can drink, yes, although it is better than not.

Since the song is to handle the breath and use the diaphragm well, if you are very full or something “chopped” you may have problems.

There are some who say that a good shot will set your voice in tune and there is nothing more false than that. The alcohol will evaporate the water from your vocal cords and for a few minutes it will stretch them making your strings very agile, but only a few minutes.

Then, it will make them loose and they will also “get drunk.”

  1. Do not look at the screen or stick too much to the microphone

The idea of ​​karaoke is to share emotions, release everything, be free to express.

The issue is that looking at the screen does not help much, “turn off” that expression of emotions. That is why we insist again on the convenience of being rehearsed.

If you know the song, you better not look at the screen. “Let it go”. With regard to the microphone, normally the karaokes have it equalized with a very high volume and without much professional tuning.

Sticking the microphone to your mouth will skip the medium frequencies and your voice will sound like “can” and that you will not like to hear. It is better to move it away a little.

  1. Enjoy, don’t think so much.

If you take into account the above tips, what remains is to enjoy.

What happens is that in most cases you will feel very shy or uncomfortable, even the mind can betray you by telling you that you will do it wrong. Do not listen to him, the mind exaggerates because he thinks you will be exposed to some kind of danger and it is not so. Just dare to enjoy, don’t pay attention to your fears.

Music is an expressive and emotional art, you don’t have to use reason very much, just let yourself go. In karaoke there is only flow, and enjoy with friends!

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