3 Reasons to Choose And Wear Comfortable Footwear

It is very common, especially in women, to choose footwear according to the fashion trends in the moment, aesthetics and appearance that they make us have for certain occasions; when choosing shoes, in addition to fitting well on our feet, it is essential to choose ones that help us avoid back and knee pain, that […]

It is very common, especially in women, to choose footwear according to the fashion trends in the moment, aesthetics and appearance that they make us have for certain occasions; when choosing shoes, in addition to fitting well on our feet, it is essential to choose ones that help us avoid back and knee pain, that help us avoid making bad steps or falling, and above all, that we can wear them during all day long without feeling hurt.

For this, it is necessary to wear comfortable shoes. However, when talking about comfort, many people instantly imagine a pair of tennis shoes, slippers or shoes without heels, which may not look as formal and elegant as certain cases warrant, for example when going to a social event, going to meetings with bosses or simply for day-to-day work.

Today in this new Happy Feet Pedorthics blog post we will tell you why the wearing of comfortable shoes is recommended, and how you can choose this shoe without having to sacrifice the aesthetic aspect, since comfort is not exactly an enemy of beauty, fashion and aesthetics .

The function of shoes is not only to dress our feet, nor is it limited to being accessories that can be combined with clothing to have a perfect appearance; the shoes help us to support the weight of the body, since the feet exert a very arduous task in the daily routine. Choosing comfortable shoes refers to using a type of shoes that do not tire, that fit perfectly, that help support the weight and carry out daily activities without ending the day with foot or back pain.

Reasons to choose comfortable shoes:

1.Prevent health problems that directly affect the feet. Using inappropriate shoes can cause disorders in the feet, which in addition to being very painful can be treated only with surgery and with the wearing of orthopedic footwear. For this reason, not only adults should wear comfortable shoes, but also, and especially, children.

  1. Avoid sweating. The most comfortable shoes, without a doubt, are leather ones; this is because they are made with breathable fabrics that allow the foot to ventilate properly and not sweat during the day; synthetic shoes, however beautiful they are, can cause sweating, which in addition to being uncomfortable is dangerous because bacteria can form. Good quality and comfortable shoes are especially recommended for people with activities or professions that require them to pass long standing, walking, or exerting some form of physical exertion.

3.Avoid pain. Inadequate shoes are closely related to pain, first in the feet because they are the most affected part of the body, especially if the shoes, besides being uncomfortable, hurt; The back is affected because when wearing inappropriate footwear, improper postures are usually adopted, or an incident such as stumbling or falling occurs, which can lead to pain in the joints (especially the knees) and the back.

Once we know the damage that inadequate footwear can cause us, we should look for comfortable shoes that also make us look good, as formal or festive as the case warrants.

Select your footwear according to the shape of your feet; that is, if your feet are wide on the toe side, round or square shoes are the most recommended, since those that end on the toe could hurt you.

  • A shoe for every occasion. Do you go to work, go shopping, to a party or exercise? According to the activities to do, you can choose the shoes that best suit you; people who wear formal and need elegant footwear, can choose heels of no more than five centimeters and preferably square in shape, as these are comfortable and give adequate support to the foot; instead to exercise, it is essential to wear tennis.
  • Regardless of the type of footwear you are going to wear, opt for natural materials. Leather or leather is the best material for the manufacture of shoes, since it is more flexible than synthetic materials, it is light and allows the foot to ventilate properly.
  • Non-slip sole. Although this does not seem like a comfort factor, it is, because this type of soles prevents us from slipping and falling, seriously injuring ourselves; This type of soles are recommended for anyone, including children, sneakers or dress shoes, since in addition to providing stability, they can make us feel more secure.
  • Despite the fact that completely flat shoes are in fashion, it is recommended that they not be so flat and have at least a heel of between three and five centimeters, as this gives greater stability to the spine.
  • Perfect adjustment. The shoes must fit perfectly, but gently, all areas of the foot, so they should not be tight or loose, otherwise they can cause scratches, blisters or deformation of the toes; preferably you should have the freedom to move your toes inside the shoe.

Today we can find a wide variety of models of comfortable shoes, without the need to sacrifice aesthetics or comfort in the choice, from low shoes, dress, flats, tennis, boots or heels.

The shelves are full of everything from size to styles, but are they really comfortable shoes? This is what should matter first and foremost for health. To get a better fit shoe, a good store should offer you a greater variety of footwear of all styles and widths, this will certainly guarantee the comfort of your feet.

Because the health of the feet is important as we age, especially because of the increased risk of falls, we must wear comfortable shoes. Many researchers have concluded that proper evaluation of footwear is necessary to help avoid pain and prevent foot problems.

It is important to note that to help find the best shoe for the customer’s needs, first measure the length of the foot, its width plus the length of the arch. You also need to know if an orthosis is worn or if there are any problems or concerns you may have.

Wearing a comfortable shoe is a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition to taking care of the health of your feet, you are taking care of your health in general.

Here at Happy Feet Pedorthics we can help you find the best option for you, we’ll assist you in the selection of shoes for your daily routine. Pain, injury, swelling … all this and more can directly affect the toes.