14 fashion tricks to look thinner and how a convertible dress can help you

  Details in which we had not fallen and that work. It is time to shake off the idea that clothes feel better to one type of body than another, or that the overrated idea that there are exclusive clothes for very thin. And the fact is that the key does not lie in weight […]
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Details in which we had not fallen and that work.

It is time to shake off the idea that clothes feel better to one type of body than another, or that the overrated idea that there are exclusive clothes for very thin. And the fact is that the key does not lie in weight or height but in proportion. So, when choosing the look is so important to keep certain rules that keep it, something not very simple if you do not know certain things. We give you 14 keys so you can see it as clear as us.

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1.- Invest in lingerie

Let’s start from the inside out, because it does not matter how beautiful the clothes you wear if the bra does not have the desired effect. To do this, invest time and money in looking for a model that meets the requirements that your chest needs. A subtle change but that will radically modify the way you look dressed.

2.- Respect the proportions

Very few are chosen that have a perfectly harmonious silhouette between upper and lower body, in general the bodies are very different from each other, some wider up, others with little marked waist, others with hips more voluminous. Other very thin, high, low … Hence the importance of dressing respecting the proportion.

3.-When in doubt, monocolor

It does not matter if you are very thin, if you are tall, low, have many curves or a large size, the solution of wearing one colour (and not necessarily black) is always a good choice, to be able to add the accessories that best fit you.

4.- Dress in three colours

If the monocolor does not go with you, and it’s not a matter of going dressed in a colour without looking like a part of Parcheesi, the big key used by fashion stylists like Olivia Palermo is to dress in three colours and at least two that are neutral.

5.- Use the strong tones in your benefit

And we continue with the colour keys, because they are much more important than you think. It is no longer that you favour one more than another, it is that the way you use them determines the successful outcome or not of your look. We must use dark and strong tones in our favour:

  • If you have the lower part of the body wider, bet on the most marked and printed tonalities in the upper one.
  • And vice versa, if you want to enhance the lower one, give colour to that area and bet on the neutral in contrast.

6.- The power of vertical stripes

Look that there are urban legends about the clothes that feel better, but this is one of the few that is not. It is a proven fact that vertical stripes lighten the silhouette and stylize. And it is a trick that applies to all body types.

7.- Choose shoes in mate colours

Although shoes in black are the most popular ones, the reality is that those who feel better with almost all looks, are nude colour, the closest to the natural tone of your skin. Just as black gives a radical cut on your skin (more in spring than you go without socks), the lighter ones harmonize the silhouette.

8.- Layers and more layers

And by layers we do not mean clothing on garments, but you play with the textures and lengths of the clothes. If you go with jeans and T-shirt, add a long jacket, a caftan or kimono also quite long and check the result.

9.- Upload (a little) the shot of the clothes

We are not in favour of carrying all the clothes with the high shot, because in jeans for example, it can do the opposite effect on pronounced hips- However in cloth pants our bet is always to raise it a little to mark the waist. And it works for both upper and lower area.

10.- It’s not the length of your skirt, it’s the fall

Contrary to popular belief, midi and long skirts are perfect for all body types. Thinners should opt for pleats and folds, and those with more curves should opt for stiffer fabrics and straight silhouettes. And very important, that the midi skirt reaches just two spans above the ankle and the long tape covers the feet almost completely.

11.- The ankles in sight

We do not say you need to wear a capri or pirate pants, so that a pants stylize, the perfect height is, according to experts, two fingers above the bone of the ankle.

12.- An American style

You cannot join the oversize trend if you want to stylize your final look. It is obvious. According to the stylists, it should fit on the shoulders and attention, very important, the sleeve has to fall exactly on the wrist (where the fashionista of the photo has been folded).

13.- The belt is THE KEY

If there is an accessory that you must have as the protagonist of your outfits, that is the belt. Because if you put it on an American, mark waist, without adding to your jeans, power curves, without adding to a very straight dress, magic.

14.- Show the instep

It seems incredible that it is such a minor detail and so important for the final look. The final trick so that your silhouette lengthens and seems more harmonious, no matter your size, is that the shoes are opened by the instep.

These tips can complement your daily outfit choices, and remember that looking for a good convertible dress is an excellent option to wear for an important occasion. If you want to purchase a convertible dress you can adapt to your needs, here at Lucy and Loo you will find it! Contact us now for more information.