12 Security Tips for your Company

If there is something that can severely affect a business are the robberies and criminal acts to which unfortunately is exposed at all times. Many security experts have even come to the conclusion that the greatest vulnerability in the company is just inside it. The percentage of thefts and scams that are orchestrated internally is […]

If there is something that can severely affect a business are the robberies and criminal acts to which unfortunately is exposed at all times. Many security experts have even come to the conclusion that the greatest vulnerability in the company is just inside it. The percentage of thefts and scams that are orchestrated internally is very high and therefore your business plan should contemplate a security strategy within the ordinary budget of expenses.

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The starting point to talk about security is to convince the most important person in the organization and is just the owner, manager or directors. Why? For two important reasons:

  • Precisely because the issue of prevention is a fairly intangible issue whose benefits are hardly visible unless an event occurs.
  • Because security costs can be as high as the level of protection you want.

Therefore, we must be very clear about the importance of implementing low-cost security measures and strategies that protect your business without exceeding the limits of your budget.

The second important aspect is to be clear about the areas that you must protect against attacks and attacks and according to the studies, the main ones are:

  • Foreign Security
  • Internal security
  • Informatic security

Of course, besides allocating a certain budget to security (between 5% and 20%), you can observe a series of measures and habits that will help you reduce the possibility of risks and save you thousands of dollars in protection systems:

Select reliable staff: optimise your selection processes and human resources to hire creditworthy people who lack the possible financial problems to reduce the possibility of temptation within your organization. Socio-economic studies are very reliable and help especially when contracts are for positions where they have to manage money.

Establish identification mechanisms: provide your employees with badges with photos, identity codes, passwords and personalised users in the systems and in general any mechanism that allows to establish communication at all times, who is responsible for everything within the company as well as the hours of entry and exit from each person. This may sound cumbersome but it is essential to be able to demand responsibility at all times.

Be very jealous with the information: information is one of the most important assets of your company. Do not allow anyone to have open access to all kinds of data such as customers, products, inventories and prices. And much less financial and banking information. Be very jealous and selective and allow only a few people you trust to have access to.

Use formal control mechanisms: many businesses in their desire to reduce costs use informal accounting mechanisms that are often entirely at the discretion of employees, allowing the possibility of altering systems and reporting less actual billing. A good investment that will help you have more control is to invest in automated control systems such as cash registers and inventory and warehouse software systems.

Train your staff against criminal events: it never hurts to pay a security company to train your staff on how to act in cases of critical situations or to prevent possible attacks such as robberies, kidnappings and assaults. A better trained employee can make a difference in order to reduce losses for this kind of situations.

Protect your vehicles with satellite systems: one of the best mechanisms to reduce attacks against your merchandise transport vehicles is installing satellite tracking systems. These not only are very effective in the subject of location but also help the criminals to leave before attacking your vehicles. The costs of these systems are not low but they have tended to be increasingly accessible. And make sure you have a very visible sticker that says “Truck protected by satellite system”.

Invest in computer security: the security of the systems is increasingly important as many frauds can be perpetrated from the network (internally or externally). Counselling and implementing certain minimum actions such as acquiring a good firewall, antivirus or regular habits of changing passwords and taking backup copies will reduce the chances of risk.

Consider automatic surveillance systems: you can install a surveillance camera system that allows you to monitor both the movements of customers within your store and the actions of your employees within the company. Some systems can be very functional with one or two cameras and there are even systems that allow remote monitoring from the Internet either at home or from any organisation.

Invest in insurance: another useful alternative especially if your business is located in high risk areas is the acquisition of insurance. Insurance can be much less expensive than you can think and be very useful when recovering your assets. Consider insurance against theft, fire or total or partial destruction of your assets.

Strengthen security in your local or office: Thinking strategically about protection means determining the possible weak points where an offender could try to enter your facilities. In that sense, reinforce your main doors and windows with access to the street with more resistant materials or safer locks.

Install automatic infrared lights: Infrared security lights placed in corridors, patios and offices can be very useful to ward off intruders. These systems can be obtained even in the supermarket, they are cheap and it will not take you more than about 30 minutes to install.

Other recommendations.

Always be alert to strange behaviours on the part of your employees that may denote suspicious activity such as:

  • Tickets and departures after hours.
  • Altered documents.
  • Use of backpacks or bags when entering or leaving the company.

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