10 tips to buy shoes online

  There are more and more virtual stores to buy shoes online. But for the experience to be positive and worthwhile, it is better to follow these tips. When it comes to shoes, many people have doubts about completing the order, that’s why we want to give you an easy guide with 10 tips that […]
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There are more and more virtual stores to buy shoes online. But for the experience to be positive and worthwhile, it is better to follow these tips. When it comes to shoes, many people have doubts about completing the order, that’s why we want to give you an easy guide with 10 tips that will help you avoid the most common mistakes made when buying shoes online.

Buying shoes online is one of the biggest fears of every buyer. No matter how many times we have made online purchases when it comes to footwear, we prefer to stay with the desire.

We are afraid of receiving something that is not what we want, but above all that is not our size and at the same time, not being able to change or return them.

These simple tips will help you to have a little less fear, if you want to take advantage of those online shoe offers that you always see, but you prefer to avoid because you do not know how to buy without having a hard time.

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  1. Calculate your size

The most important thing when buying shoes online is to know what your size is online, not the actual size.

The sizes of the shoes may vary depending on the brands and their country of manufacture, so you can be a larger or smaller number than you usually use, to know which one to choose, check the size chart.

You can measure your foot and turn it into inches or as you use the place where you will buy them to be a little more accurate.

  1. Read the description of the shoe in detail


Knowing all the details of the shoes that you are thinking of buying could give you an idea of ​​how they will be, in the same way, you will avoid taking a disappointment.


Also, in the specification of the shoe you want, they mention details such as the number of the heel, what type of sole it has, the material it is made of, details that the model carries, the care it requires, among other things that will help you to know as they are.


  1. Compare in different stores

Just like when we buy in physical stores it is important to compare in different online stores, since in this way we can buy the shoes that best suits our budget and that is what we are looking for.


By comparing you can realize that in several stores you will find similar models, but with the difference that in some the price will be more accessible, perhaps a more resistant material or more variety of colours.

  1. Return conditions

Perhaps the most important point to buy or not in that online store. When you choose to buy shoes (or other items) online, read carefully the conditions of return of the store.

As a general rule, they all admit refunds, but the problem arises when the return package has to be sent and paid for by you. That’s why you should make sure of the policies, facilities and all shipping costs.

As an extra tip, when making an online purchase a good option is to choose leather shoes, because with this type of material you will almost never make a mistake.

Most stores handle leather (or synthetic) of good quality, but it is worth reading carefully the details of the shoe and make sure that if it is not what you expected you can return or change them.

  1. Find the right store

The correct store (page) – the first mistake to avoid is the page, be sure to choose one that has a reliable history, study the comments on the experience of other buyers, if the brand or page has a much better physical store as it guarantees a solid activity and experience in the field.

  1. Photographs

Buying shoes online represents, for the most part, trusting the images they offer of the product. Make sure that the website shows images big enough to evaluate in detail all the angles of the shoe and so you can contemplate them from multiple perspectives.

  1. Pay attention to the materials

Even though the image can help you choose, this is not everything, by means of the information of the manufacturing materials of the shoe you can get an idea of ​​its texture and weight. Locate the description of the details, read it carefully and if you have questions do not be afraid to contact customer service.

  1. Colours

This applies to what we said about: the product photo may not show the exact colour. The description could help and in any case remember to contact the customer service provider.

  1. Finding The right size – One of the crucial issues of buying shoes online is to choose the correct size. In fact, it is the essential part of the procedure, verify that the size offered on the page is the right one for your country or region, the European sizes can vary a lot from the American ones.
  2. Start with the right foot

Many buyers ignore that both feet do not have the same size. If you cannot count on the support of a direct seller of a physical store, here is a valuable contribution; that goes hand in hand with the procedure of the previous point, measures both feet and considers the measurement of the longest foot.

  1. The first order are always a test

When you acquire a brand of shoes for the first time, order a single model, so you can try the right size. Once you have found your right shoe, feel free to buy the other models that you liked. Put them on as soon as they get home this way you will avoid damage and then it is impossible to return or change them, try them at home and it will be a good idea without a doubt.

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