10 tips to keep your car in good condition

Your car is not only an aid, but it can be an investment for the future, because depending on the care you give it, you can prolong its useful life. Today we will tell you the most recommended things you have to do to prolong the life of your car. Keeping the car in good […]
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Your car is not only an aid, but it can be an investment for the future, because depending on the care you give it, you can prolong its useful life. Today we will tell you the most recommended things you have to do to prolong the life of your car.

Keeping the car in good condition will help you travel with greater safety in addition to allowing you to drive the car for much longer and someday sell it. Remember to contact the experts, JB Euro Auto Service to provide you with top maintenance services and keep your car running at full potential.

Pay attention to the following tips that will keep your vehicle in great condition:

  1. Oil inspection: It is recommended to change it every five thousand, eight thousand and ten thousand kilometres depending on different factors such as the model and use. It is also recommended to check the oil levels regularly, since the lack thereof can cause friction between metals and cause engine damage.
  2. Tire inspection: maintaining the proper air pressure when calibrating the tires is key, it depends on the type of car, tires and wheels you have. It is also essential to check them to make sure they are not worn, with holes or other irregularities. It is advisable to inspect them by a specialist at least once a year.

Make sure you always maintain the proper air pressure for your car, according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. In addition, it is very important to check that they are always in good condition (without marked wear, holes or other damage).

  1. Alignment and balancing are also vitally important: balancing is necessary to avoid vibrations in the steering wheel when driving fast and the alignment is indispensable so that there is a precise direction and an even wear of the tread, it is recommended to do it every ten thousand kilometres.

Proper balancing will help you avoid vibrations in the steering wheel and the alignment helps to have a precise direction and even wear of the tread.

  1. It is essential to check the brakes: The condition of the discs, the pads and the pedal should be checked and checked by a mechanic at least once a month to avoid accidents. In addition, a periodic inspection of the brake fluid will allow a good performance while walking and greater safety when driving.

The brakes of your vehicle must always be kept in perfect condition, not only for your car to maintain its useful life, but because it constitutes a key safety element. Keep in mind that the wear of the components of the brake system depends on the driving and the usual means by which the vehicle rolls. Therefore, it is essential that this system is reviewed by a specialist at least once a year.

  1. If the battery is several years old, it is advisable to check it every three months. It is necessary to prevent the battery from drying out because of the lack of liquid, since it can affect the operation of the system and reduce its useful life. It is recommended to add battery fluid or distilled water to avoid this problem.

If the battery has several years of use it is advisable to check it more frequently, preferably in the hands of a specialist.

  1. To make your car look like new it is advisable to wash it at least every 2 weeks, in this way the brightness of the paint will last longer and the mechanical parts will have a longer working life. Also wash the interior of the car and thus keep the cushion in good condition, this recommendation works very well if you plan to sell the car and get a good price, because good maintenance of the interior of the vehicle is one of the things that at first glance check a possible buyer.

Wash it often and if it is possible make sure you polish the body and apply a suitable wax. The cleaner your car looks, the more sensation it will have again. Do not forget to wash the interior of the vehicle, which will help you to keep the upholstery and carpets in good condition.

  1. Once you have completed the warranty of your car and you can no longer use it, it is essential to get a reliable mechanic who does not charge you for unnecessary repairs and offers guarantees and good prices.
  2. It is necessary to check the lights and check that they all work and turn on correctly since if they are misaligned they can be dangerous for you and for the other drivers.

The lights of your car allow you to see other drivers, be seen by drivers and pedestrians and, in addition, signal manoeuvres. For this reason, it is important to check frequently the correct functioning of all the lights and to keep the surface clean.

  1. Check the fluids is also vital to the car: the windscreen wiper, brake fluid, transmission fluid, among others should be checked once a week. Check the filters, at least once a year.
  2. Change the windshield wiper blades at least once a year to avoid blurred vision in the rainy season.
  3. Control the dampers: they help to control the vehicle at high speeds and in situations of risk, besides being an element that adds comfort to driving. Therefore, we recommend you perform periodic reviews of this system.
  4. Pay attention to the timing belt: it is always advisable to follow the manufacturer’s advice because if it breaks without being detected in time it can cause a fault in the engine.

Once you comply with these tips, you can leave quietly to drive your car without any inconvenience.

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