10 Simple Habits to Take Care of your Car Battery

The car battery is the heart of the vehicle, at least that is if we talk about the electric system of the vehicle, so it is very important to take care of it. In this article we want to give you some tips to take care of your car battery. Take into account that the […]
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The car battery is the heart of the vehicle, at least that is if we talk about the electric system of the vehicle, so it is very important to take care of it. In this article we want to give you some tips to take care of your car battery.

Take into account that the life of a battery is around 3 years, so if your battery is above that you should check if it is necessary to change it but if it is less than 2 years old and already has many failures, it may be because it does not He was careful enough.

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How long does a car battery last?

The first thing you should know is that the battery has a certain lifespan. As much as we take care of it, it’s going to run out at some point. The average battery life of a vehicle is around 4 years. However, there are situations that can cause early wear, such as the usual temperature of the place where the car is used.

Ideally, pay attention to signs of fatigue to avoid further complications. If your car does not have a warning light, you can ask your mechanic to check the condition of the terminals, the quality of the ignition, etc. It is good to know that an aging battery will produce intermittent electrical failures. When you notice engine start problems, the end of the battery is near.

  1. Stepping on the clutch when starting the engine

One of the customs that damages the car the most is not to step on the clutch when starting the car. Remember that the clutch moves the gears to an optimal point to make a speed change so if you do not press it before starting the car, the engine is required to make greater effort to move the gears.

  1. Do not force the start of the engine

It has all happened to us that the car does not want to start but the last thing we have to do is turn the key constantly (or the power button) without leaving a minute between each attempt.

Forcing the start of the car requires unnecessary battery consumption in addition to engine wear. It is best to wait at least half a minute between each attempt. It should be noted that if this happens constantly to your car, it is most likely that it has a breakdown and it will be better to take it to a workshop for review.

  1. Let’s use the legs for very short trips

Going out to the store or just driving for less than 10 minutes erodes the battery life. This happens because it takes a few minutes for the alternator to recharge the battery, if there is not enough time, the battery will be discharged every time.

  1. Disconnect everything before turning off the car

This is a tip to extend the life of your battery. When you start the car, all components that use electricity and are on, will have a battery consumption so you should make a greater effort.

To avoid this, before turning off the car, we must try to turn off all electrical systems and disconnect any charger or cable that is in the current of our vehicle.

  1. Keep everything off

A very similar advice to the previous one, is to keep everything off when we stop the car. This includes the radio, headlights and internal lights to avoid unnecessary consumption. Luckily some modern vehicles have alerts about the electric devices on. If this is not the case with your vehicle, you should pay attention not to leave them on.

  1. Take care of the low temperatures

The care of your car in low temperatures is very important and more if we talk about the battery because it can wear it more.

If the temperature in your area is less than 5 ° C, evaluate the possibility of looking for an inn or a parking lot. The wear of the car in the cold not only includes the battery but also the mirrors, oils, gaskets and tires.

  1. Extra electrical equipment

If you decide to install extra sound or video equipment in your car, make sure it is compatible with your vehicle as some may consume too much energy. It is also important that you have a professional for the installation because if you do not do it well a discharge can damage the battery.

Consider installing a piece of higher power if you decide to install a larger capacity electrical system.

  1. Always clean joints

The battery connections may have rust or corrosion over time. It is important to clean it to take advantage of all the battery power. In the same way, verify that all joints and cables are not stripped or worn.

  1. Leaving the car stopped for a long time

One of the consequences of leaving the car for a long time is that the battery is discharged, especially when it is an old vehicle.

It is advisable to start the car at least once every 20 days and drive for 20 or 30 kilometres to avoid wear of the parts.

  1. Disconnect the battery

Finally, if you leave your car for a long time stopped it will be best to disconnect the battery to prevent it from discharging or suffering another damage.

Before disconnecting it, make sure you know how to do it, as it is not as simple as it sounds. We leave you a video where you explain in detail how to remove the battery from your car.

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