Your house is your sanctuary. An important place where you can rest from all the stress and the fast life you’re probably living outside. Especially for people having a busy day, there’s nothing more relaxing and uplifting than going back home and taking a hot shower. Sometimes, you’d only be able to shower very fast, but some other times you surely want to take your time and enjoy how water washes your problems away, at least for a minute.

It can also be mentioned that your shower is when you spend your most personal time of the day, it’s the area reserved for personal care and hygiene. For said reasons it is very important to have it as clean as possible.

Why do showers get so dirty?

The task of having an impeccable shower can be very challenging. It may not look like, but the shower is constantly in contact with a lot of germs and bacteria. These are some of the reasons why showers are pretty hard to be kept clean:

  • Showers are that part of the house where people wash off all the dirt they have accumulated throughout the day. It doesn’t matter how good your hygienic habits are, it is completely impossible to avoid any contact with dirt, sweat and the amount of skin cells dying in our bodies per day.
  • Shower is directly in contact with your feet. Feet are massive containers of dirt and germs, especially when you spend time walking barefoot (no matter how clean the place you walk on is)
  • They are always in contact with water and various types of oils (most self-care products are made using natural and animal oils). With the passing of time, said substances tend to wear out things that are not properly protected.

For these reasons, taking special care of your shower tiles is extremely important. Improper sealing of a shower or the lack of sealing can make the paste between the tiles look gross, turning into black and brown spaces where dirt is trapped.

Most products and practices people use and do in order to clean the grout are not effective at all. That’s the main reason why sealing your shower is very important in order to prevent your shower and maybe your entire bathroom become a place of reunion for dirt, bacteria and germs.

Some other aspects like the traffic the bathroom has, how many people use it on a regular basis and if the people using the shower get too dirty during the day.

The benefits of proper sealing in your shower floor

In the view of how the grout between the tiles can host an impressive amount of fungi, bacteria and mould. Sealing your shower isn’t only an effective and immediate solution to any kind of problem regarding shower tiles getting dirty. As grout is full of holes and made of sand it’s easy that it attracts dirt.

Not only is it a great idea to have your shower sealed for hygienic and self-care purposes, but it’s also the right decision if you are looking forward to keeping your bathroom tiles clean and well-preserved. Dirt accumulated between the tiles can also affect the tiles, staining them in a way that is impossible to clean.

Nevertheless, before sealing there are a couple of important things to take care of:

  • Never sail shower tiles that are dirty already. By sealing a shower that is already covered by mould you’re only making sure your tiles will get all stained.
  • Excellent shower sailing can work perfectly for a period of 5 years top, after that resealing will be necessary. Shower sealing will also be affected by the number of people using that shower regularly. In most cases a low traffic shower sealing (1 to 3 people using it daily) will work impeccably for at least 3 years, while shower sealing in crowded bathrooms can work effectively for 1 or 2 years maximum. This is the reason why showers from gyms, swimming pools and sporting complexes in general need constant resealing.

But as we mentioned before, before resealing your shower floor it’s important that you do a deep cleaning. After you have cleaned your bathroom you can call us to get timely assistance and a great price for your resealing. We are experienced and qualified professionals in the area. Affordable and efficient solutions!

Steps to clean your shower floor before sealing it

Following these steps you’ll be able to get rid of the mould and dirt retained in your tiles grout:

  1. First of all you need to remove all the water from your shower. If it’s wet you won’t be able to clean properly. Wait for the water on the floor to dry and then proceed with the next steps. You should also remove all your furniture, decoration and everything in the way of giving the bathroom a proper cleaning.
  2. Don’t forget to broom your bathroom and wipe out all dust that may be in parts of the bathroom that are not very transited.
  3. Clean all the bathroom as you usually would. Use cleaning products, brooms and mops.
  4. For the moult between your shower tiles you can use a knife to take out a part of it and for the rest you can try different products and chemicals.

This is a small list of the most common stains and effective cleaners against them:

  • Blood: clean with hydrogen peroxide.
  • Oil stains: clean with alcohol.
  • Rust stains: clean with bleach.

After you have cleaned your bathroom properly you only need to make sure you’re hiring the services of the best shower repairers in Australia. Not only do we seal your bathroom properly so the floor won’t look disgusting, we also offer services for any kind maintenance your bathroom may need. Floor retile, leaking showers, cracks and more of the like are what we specialise in. Contact us and we’ll take care of your bathroom maintenance without removing the tiles and causing minimal disturbance.