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Velbexx17 Topical Analgesic & Anti-inflammatory Balm is a naturally sourced topical analgesic and anti-inflammatory balm that provides a powerful temporary relief from aches and pains associated with muscle strains, ligament sprains, bruising, tendonitis, bursitis, stiffness and arthritis. Available in 50g and 150g net tubes.

VP Advance Nature Pty Ltd does not make comparisons with specific products. However, we are proud to say that Velbexx-17 is a world class, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory complementary medical product that clearly stands out from the rest of products in same category.

Velbexx-17 balm contains high quality active natural ingredients. It has a significantly higher concentration of active natural ingredients than any other comparable product on the Australian market. Therefore, Velbexx-17 works with minimal amount of balm applied.

Please note that it is a concentrated balm with a significantly higher proportion of active ingredients than any other comparable product on the market. 


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