Mint ٤Co

Mint ٤Co is a story of a group of friends. Friends, from diverse ethnic backgrounds with a love of two treasures: Food and travel. Throughout the years we travelled through the Middle East together – on a journey of cultural and culinary discovery. Our travels took us from Turkey to Iran and Pakistan, and from Dubai to Muscat and Yemen and to Morocco in the North of Africa among many other destinations. With our travels came different experiences and different flavours; whether it was the sweet aroma of Shirazi saffron, the fragrant spices of Marrakesh, the tender slow-cooked lamb of Yemen or the universal herb of all lands – the humble mint leaf. We longed to take back our experiences to our home, Melbourne – the multicultural foodie utopia of Australia. ٤ so now, we present to you, our experiences, our flavours and our memories combined with modern Australian flair. We present to you our journey and invite you to join this exclusive experience. Welcome to Mint ٤ Co – Restaurant + Lounge.


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