Billich Art Gallery

The Billich Gallery is one of Australia’s leading contemporary art galleries and one of Sydney’s premier venues. Showcasing exclusively the art of Charles Billich

Charles Billich paints and draws in all media and sculpts in precious and semi-precious metals. He describes his work as surrealist. ‘I manipulate reality. There is a touch of irony in what I paint as there is in all surreal art. It contains a fair amount of humour.’

A master craftsman, he explores themes reflecting his own obsessions, fantasies and thwarted ambitions. He paints from what he sees around him, skillfully dissecting human and animal figures, penetrating the personality of his subjects, always challenging the norm. Ballet and sport, architecture and town planning, eroticism and classicism, portraiture and stage, all provide the imagery of his work and all are imbued with spirit, excitement, individuality and expression. Charles Billich has exhibited at some of the world’s best venues as an honoured guest. 

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