Almina is a modern Lebanese-Mediterranean Café, Bar and Restaurant serving traditional Lebanese cuisine in a contemporary setting. Almina is a combination of old and new; pure tradition mixed with innovation.

Building upon the original techniques and recipes of older generations of Lebanese women, Almina offers the same respected delicacies from mezze to salads to perfectly prepared main dishes and seasoned barbecue meats, creating a taste that is exclusively Almina.

Perfectly located on the waterfront of Docklands with seating for over 280, Almina’s compilation of lounge and chill out music help produce a cool vibe and unpretentious setting.

The atmosphere found in Almina provides an exclusive Mediterranean ambiance. We attempt to seduce our clients with the taste of another world. In the nice and relaxing view of waterfront, as Shishas with elegant necks and glass bodies that seem to dance in the light sit with their hoses wrapped around their necks like exotic snakes. Sip on an exotic cocktail in one of the hottest lounges in Melbourne and be charmed by our special belly dancer. Smoke, relax, and lose yourself in the dim lighting and enjoy the smooth aromatic taste…

You’ll have to come and check it out for yourself, enjoy­ your Shisha and relax­ing and scentless atmosphere of Almina.



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