A widely discussed topic with many parameters in many conversations that revolve around cars and more specifically engines. All car lovers boast about their new V8 or V6 turbo charged engines, however, how accurate are all these statements? Are engines the key to a cars success? How do other components measure up to the power and scale of the engine? In today’s eccentric era, technology and technological advancements regarding cars and engines have skyrocketed. Technology has penetrated all industries and has evolved the way we see and anticipate new products and developments. Throughout this article, JB Prestige will give you a brief run down on the main types of engines you will come across and the performance factor associated with each one. JB Prestige are experts in diagnosing engine dysfunctions and administer state of the art engine repairs for all clients at equitable pricing.
We will commence with two large categories of engines. The External Combustion (EC) engine and the Internal Combustion (IC) engine. The former is an engine in which the chemical procedure of combustion of fuel takes place outside the engine. The heat which is generated is utilised to convert water into steam, which in turn rotates the turbine. The latter, is an engine where combustion of fuel occurs inside the engine. When this occurs high pressure and temperatures are generated inside the cylinder, which is exerted onto a piston and will rotate the wheels. According to the type of fuel used by the car we can categorize our engines into diesel engines (trucks, buses, cars etc.), petrol engines (cars, bikes etc.), gas engines (light motor vehicles) and electric engines.
Now, let’s have a quick look and synopsise the types of IC engines. Two stroke engines are engines where a piston moves one time up and down inside the cylinder and completes one revolution during a single time of fuel burn. The four-stroke engine this procedure is replicated two times during a single time of fuel burn. Four stroke engines are widely popular in automobile industries and utilise thermodynamic laws for their full understanding.
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